Traditional Georgian ornaments, green and the nature reincarnated into jewellery – joint collection of Zarapxana and Eshvi

A joint collaboration project of Zarapxana and Eshvi is a vivid reincarnation of the nature and traditional Georgian ornaments into the infinite world of modern jewellery. 

A source of inspiration for the collection is driven from the kingdom of nature where the green colour stands for a symbol of energy, refreshment and harmony. 
Green jewells will take you from today's urban jungle and guide you into the era of universal beauty painted by the nature. While wearing Zarapxana for Eshvi Gold line jewellery you will feel a touch of  pure and magically sensitive nature before human intervention. 

A silver line of Zarapxana for Eshvi project is an unique synthesis of creative inheritance of the past and Georgian history. 

This collection intended to design jewellery revived from the fragments of ornamental facade decor created during VI-XI centuries across different Georgian regions. Silver jewellery created with geometrical figures and enamel plating is remarkably elegant yet perfect for your casual outfit.  

This collection is for woman who appreciates the past, believes in advancement and feels confident in her strengths. Unique mixture of the Georgian ornaments and modern style is achieved through a diligent cooperation of 'Zarapxana' with ancient Georgian jewellery tradition and a famous brand in modern fashion industry 'Eshvi'.