This is the collection of Zarapxana which we have named Mtskheta Collection. Exhibits of Mtskheta Archeological Museum have become the inspiration for creation of this collection. We have been given a unique opportunity to study thoroughly the Museum treasure and develop our jewelry according to their motifs. The collection involves 33 items. The jewelry is made of 14-carat gold and decorated with natural garnets and agate. Our wish was to maximally approximate and preserve their refinement and fame. We believed that such regard for them would make our participation more colourful and impressive in implementation of this idea.


We think that we have succeeded in reaching the aim – we have revived and breathed life into the unique treasure, beauty and worth of which have survived centuries and reached us. From now on they are not just museum exhibits any more as any of you can buy a desirable item in Zarapxana shops network.