We would like to remind you that in Zarapxana you can enjoy installment plan with no extra hidden charge. If you wish to make some charming present to your beloved person on St. Valentine’s day, our installment plan with no extra charge can give you the opportunity to do so.

Installment plan from JSC Bank of Georgia:

Let’s assume that the selected item costs GEL 1,000. In the conditions of no extra charge credit you will pay just 4,9% (GEL 49 in the given case) and the cost of the item, GEL 1,000, will be distributed in equal installments over 12 months out of which you will pay your first installment in a month after buying the jewelry. In the case of your choice, the period of installment plan can be reduced. If you do not wish to pay 4,9% of commission, then 5,9% will be added to the cost of the item and the final sum (GEL 1,059 in the given case) will be equally distributed over corresponding period. If you prefer the installment plan more than 12 moths, you are welcome to do so and the credit conditions will not change, though the Bank may request advance payment (the sum of co-participation), which amount will be deducted from the cost of the item.

Please, take into consideration that the above given is just an example and the Bank has the right to review each case of installment plan individually, in compliance with its internal regulations and your bank history.

If a customer wishes to reallocate the sum over longer period than 9 months, he can enjoy interest-free installment plan as of TBC Bank (3 to 24 months), so Bank of Georgia (3 tо 12 months) and Liberty Bank (6 tо 12 months).

·         term 3- 24 months

·         minimal amount of the installment plan - GEL 100

·         maximal amount of the installment plan - GEL 5,000

·         billed % - 0

·         co-participation from 0 %

·         commission for approval  4.9 %

·         any citizen of Georgia with steady income can enjoy the installment plan    

Good luck!

TBC Bank



News in “Zarapxana”! Joint action of TBC Bank and “Zarapxana” on interest-free installment plan shall be effective till January 15, 2015:

Begin paying in three months:

which implies, that you can choose a desirable for you jewelry item with the cost of between GEL 100 and 5 000 and begin paying in three months:

* interest rate – 0%

* term – grace period 3 months, 6 month for debt repayment, i. е. 9 months in total

* commission for approval – 6.9%

* amount limits – min. GEL 100 – max. GEL 5 000