The Jewelry Company Zarapxana has been in the service of developing Georgian jewelry culture for several decades. That is the reason that today its name is associated with refined style, customer confidence and high quality. Our company is always studying the customer interests, and never forgets the fashion tendencies while creating the jewelry.


Alongsidethe constant renovations, Zarapxana offers its customers more and more exclusive services.


You might already have your “dream jewelry”. Or you might yet have not. Whichever is true, you should not delay the visit to our office. At our service-center you will have an opportunity to make your dream come true. By your own design and concept or with the help of our professional advisors you will be able to create the desired jewelry or make some changes in our initial designs.


Apart from that, the service-center manufactures all kinds of medals, souvenirs, breastplates, different kinds of souvenir- or prize-type accessories of gold, silver or copper.


Here, it is possible to enjoy all kinds of jewelry services.


Zarapxana’s individual services include:

  • Creating individual sketches of jewelry and manufacturing it.
  • Manufacturing the desired products using customer’s own gold or silver raw materials.
  • Applying changes to Zarapxana’s original models (changing the gemstones, adjusting the size, etc.).
  • Gilding the jewelry creations with gold or silver.
  • Purchasing precious and natural stones.
  • Engraving the desired inscription on jewelry.