Collection Sazedao, the ancient Georgian script  Asomtavruli consists of 33 units, made of 925 carat silver raw material covered with gold, red, dark blue and brown rhodium.  The initials are attracting attention with their  ornamentality, brilliance and scale. Well-planned text-artistic stresses underline the collection, decorated with geometrical ornaments, plant forms, figures of animals and humans. Widely spread traditional symbols of Christian painting – the Firebird, fish, personification of the sun and moon – are used in the collection. Each of them follows the form of the graphemes so that, except the artistic effect, they make the load rich in content. Artistic design of the Gospel of Mokvi is made with those rich and colourful Asomtavruli initials of Sazedao script. Significant role is given to the colouring reached through colour selection – gold, red and blue. And this factor became one of the inspiration sources of Sazedao collection, when designing Asomtavruli script.  The Asomtavruli script is the oldest among the Georgian scripts. “Kartlis Tskhovreba” (“Life of Georgia”) is the first local written source, where there is described origin of the Georgian alphabet. The book, describes the life of the legendary King Parnavaz, who created the Georgian alphabet and made it state.  Creating the collection we tried to pass on the power, knowledge, Georgian features and centuries-old history being the treasure of the Georgian language and Georgian people.  Collection “Sazedao” or Asomtavruli initials