From September 10 through October 31, 2014, you can enjoy 0% installment plan and unprecedented offer from “Zarapxana”. In the course of the above period anyone can buy or order jewelry of her/his dream in the desired amount and pay its price during the following 12 months without any additional costs and get 3% discount. And this means: * real price of an item less 3% * annual interest = 0 * initial payment = 0 * commission charges for credit approval = 0 For instance, the desirable for you jewelry costs GEL 1,200. If you buy it on an installment plan, the cost will be reduced by 3% and the rest of the amount (GEL 1,164 in the given case) will be distributed over the following 12 months. You are welcome to enjoy the action any day of the week for already manufactured items and the items to be manufactured at any store and service centre for individual orders of “Zarapxana”.