In connection with 75th anniversary the service of individual orders of Zarapxana company is offering an unprecedented one-time-only action from February 24 through March 10, current year, particularly: Ordering any golden serial  item during the action period, the service price will be fixed and equal to GEL 75. Similarly, when ordering an item decorated with a stone, the price of individual service will be fixed and equal only to GEL 95. Besides, in case of participation in the action, a consumer can purchase a desirable artificial, natural or precious stone with 15% discount. If the consumer participates in the action, he/she, within 3 months, only on the basis of submission of a payment order, shall have the opportunity to take advantage of 15% discount for any service or item of the Company as at the Buying Service, so in the network of Zarapxana shops. To get more information on the action, please, do not hesitate to contact us at: 595 300 451  and  577 585 002