Liberty Bank and Zarapxana, in the framework of a joint project, have implemented a customer-friendly 12 months interest free installment plan. The interest free installment plan of Liberty Bank shall allow customers to purchase or even order the item made according to the desirable design as in retail network, so at the service for individual orders. The installment plant product is adjusted to the customers with any kind of income:

  1. Income from salary
  2. Income from micro business
  3. Income from agricultural activities
  4. Income from pension
  5. Income from foreign earnings
You can purchase any item costing from GEO 100 to GEL 5,000 inclusive. You will have to complete an application at the Liberty Bank representative and just in 15 minutes you will receive a response on the Bank’s decision. Do not lose time, make a present for your beloved, enjoy the 12 months interest free installment plan of Liberty Bank in the network of Zarapxana shops and service for individual orders.