Legend of Kolkheti - 04/12/12

Collection for which we selected the title «Legend of Kolkheti”. In compliance with the information, bronze culture was well-developed on the territory of Kolkheti - well-known as Kolkheti culture. According to historians, this very period is deemed to be the period of blooming of bronze culture in Georgia.  Apart from multi-purpose weapons and dishes made of various metals with fine forms and patterns, characteristic for high level culture, jewelry traditions of goldsmiths were considerably developing in this period. It can be confirmed by a three-arch structure called a tomb of a Kolkhi woman. Together with various items, there were found about 3000 various metal decorations and jewelry studded with gems. This very culture and the forms and ornaments characteristic for it have become inspiration for our collection – all the items having survived the centuries and being found in different forms and shapes even today. We, on our part, tried to turn all these into our jewelry and created one more collection. We think that we have achieved our goal and transformed ideas of many of us into reality.