Rooms Collection - 22/11/12

Jewelry Company "Zarapxana" finished work on new collection, which was created by well known group of designers - "Rooms". Presentation of collection was held in companies’ renovated new shop in 22 November 20:00, located at Abashidze Street 29 Working with designer group "Rooms", who are well known in Georgia as well as outside the Georgian borders is honoring for us, creating something with them is thrilling. They are respected all over the world for their simple geometric designs and symmetry. Despite thissimplicitytheir work is subtle and unique, this is what makes them as well as their work so impressive. We hope that presented collection will meet your desires and jewelry piece chosen by you will be part of your style and success. Collection consists of 20 jewelry pieces, each one has its version in gold, silver and black silver. Collection is unique for its original designs as well as for its details and color , its first time in Georgian jewelry industry that product is made in black silver. Price for jewelry is fluctuating between 35 lari and 3000 lari. Company "Rooms" was created in 2007 year. Their primary work is related to interior and product designing, this is modeling of free space and forms. Simple Geometry is part of their work and profession. Their objective is to create product which will withstand time. Creating collection for "Zarapxana" was in a way experiment for them, but they had to work with forms but in different scales. We present collection which represents modern women's jewelry, underlining their character, style and individuality. With precious metals we created simple geometric figures - circle, arc, square, triangle and a rectangle, forms which are as constant as science of geometry itself. At a glance simple creations in precious metals are bearing subtle, elegant and deep characters, perfecting modern women's forms and character. Collection will be released on 23 November, and will be available in "Zarapxana's" whole retail chain.