Jewelry Company “Zarapxana” finished working on new collection, which was created according to famous designer, Irakli Nasidze’s drafts.
Collection was presented 14 February at 19:00, in “Zarapxana’s” new rebranded store, which is located at abashidze street N29.
As you already may know company has biggest experience in jewelry industry in Georgia, counting 70 years of creating and delivering products. Company’s products are distinguished by its originality and subtle design. The company constantly strives to maintain and develop the best traditions of Georgian Metalwork, and at the same time be obedient to the modern trends. According to this vision, company has finished working with famous designer in Georgia, as well as in Europe, Irakli Nasidze to create new collection. Release date was planned on 14 February, on a symbolic date of love celebration.
Company is feels privileged to work with such hard working and leading designer as Irakli, person who has surpassed Georgia’s borders and took significant place in Paris’s fashion life. He’s the one who combines brands like, Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint Laurent and so on.
Collection which counts 13 models is created in 14 k gold and is decorated with precious stones. Jewelry is made for customers who are interested in modern fashion trends. Prices differ from 425 to 8000 lari, there is also one exclusive model which can be bought only by exclusive order. Collection will be released on 15 February, and in beginning will be sold only in 3 store in Tbilisi:

· Abashidze st. 29 · Ljubliana st. 15 · Pekini 31a

Irakli Nasidze: “Birds are creations which have significant place in my art. Mythological aspects of these creatures always were charming for me; it’s them who make my art and ideas to fly. Beginning of collection is encounter of bird with human, this is the story which inspires beauty, freedom of soul and kindness, these are the aspects which initiated creation of collection. I perceived this bird as “heavens bird”, and called this model my dear chiora, “Mon oiseau d’amour”, this is the jewelry which symbolically expresses calm soul, love, kindness, freedom and friendship”.